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Welcome to the family, Nissan 350z!

The thing about dreams is that they don't happen over night. It takes many days (or years) of dedicated work but with enough persistence it can happen. I wanted a Nissan 350z for a few years because of my fascination with drift and desire to expand my skills beyond Miatas. Two years ago my friend Matt gifted me a toy version, and finally at the end of October it manifested into reality. I bought my dream 350z.

I browsed through hundreds of 350z postings online. Everything from Facebook Marketplace to OfferUp. Many sellers didn't respond, refused to answer technical questions, withheld the CarFax, or doubted my ability to handle a modified sports car. It wasn't until I sent a message to the car enthusiast group at work that I got several responses from people suggesting cars I could check out. The best came from this guy, Mike.

The moment Mike sent me his for sale posting I knew that was my car. Not just because it met the technical criteria (2007+ VQ35HR), but because I could tell we shared similar values. The listing was comprehensive, the photos were detailed, and the car was clean. It was everything I wanted and more than I ever expected to find.


  • 2007 VQ35HR Motor

  • 62k miles

  • Mostly stock/OEM

  • Local (15 min away)

  • No mechanical issues or leaks

  • No oil burn

  • Single owner

  • Not blue! (every car I've owned is blue)

Anyway, you could tell this guy loved the car. It nearly breaks my heart knowing I want to take it to the racetrack. But in spite how sentimental the car was for him he assured me, "This car is meant to be driven and be a racecar." I'll never forget when he finally handed me the keys and said, "I want to stick around and watch it start up for one last time." 🥺

In conclusion, cars are not just toys to me. Like I say about my Miatas, they are learning opportunities. This 350z is a gateway toward learning new skills. The technique, finesse, car control. Only 24 hours in and it already received more prep and attention than it has in the last 14 years.

I still love my Miatas and will continue to modify and drive them, but after four years I'm excited to have the opportunity to drive a car with a lot more horsepower (306!), a bigger engine, and different platform overall. I already absolutely love this car, it's different, it's quirky, it's perfect.

Very happy to be back in the Nissan family.

Pictured: Rachel saying goodbye to her broken down 2006 Nissan Altima 2 years ago.

Pictured: Rachel saying hello to her new 2007 Nissan 350z 3 weeks ago.

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