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November 7, 2021

The last two months were spent obsessing over finding my dream Nissan 350z. Well, last October, I finally got it! I wanted to expand my driving skills, specifically car control / drift and something with a little more HP. Well, Z delivers. I already took it to my first Sonoma Drift two weeks ago!


Now I'm focused on prepping Z for its first Winter Jam - the biggest NorCal drift event of the year. I also plan to track it. Miata NB is also getting some much needed love and upgrades for Buttonwillow. The browning plastic OEM radiator is just waiting to explode so it's a good idea to inspect the cooling system.


I will continue to give my Miatas love and seat time at the race track. This just means Z is now part of the rotation. Welcome to the family!


August 12, 2021

I've been reading the book, "Finding Your Own North Star" by Martha Beck. It's been helping me reconnect with what really makes me happy. At work I took a tangential interest in learning about Python, behind the scenes Google build architecture, and under the hood workings of Objective-C. I even asked my first StackOverflow question! Nerdy, but I really enjoy these things.

The Miata brothers have been alternating going to motorsports events. I'm shopping for a racing seat for NB because it's become uncomfortably quick with the new upgrades. Literally, without the cushion of roll, the whipping back and forth hurts lol In the mean time, I have a laundry list of fixes: under trays for cooling, missing nuts and bolts, hardtop installation, differential leaks. Essentials first!


July 5, 2021

A couple weeks ago I finished Automotive Electrical class, the last course required in my ten month journey to earn the General Automotive Technician Certificate at De Anza College. Now I just wait for my official certificate to arrive. 🥳


Also, I finally solved an on-going steering shaking issue on NA Miata that was bothering me for a LONG time. I already replaced wheel hubs, ball joints, ties rods, and decided to slap on some new XIDA coilovers and it seemed to remedy the core issue. After eight months my car is now at a solid mechanical baseline and it's a great time to put thought into how I want to design it before moving forward.


On another note, I recently moved into my first (rented) single family home and it's been an on-going battle of unboxing, furniture assembling, pest control, maintenance. Any time left has been on reflecting on where I want to go next in my career as a freshly minted senior engineer. I'm learning how to prevent burn out and find the most joy in what I do. Oh, and I'm really excited I started playing tennis.

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